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If you don’t have a mobile marketing strategy in place, you’re already behind! Catch up today with our free video training on mobile marketing and learn how to tap into this powerful marketing trend that costs four times less than any other form of advertising. No matter your industry or niche, every small business can profit from mobile marketing strategies.

According to Google, “If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a future strategy!” With more than 250 million mobile phones active in the US today, mobile phone marketing is no longer optional. Our free mobile marketing training will teach you all the mobile marketing tools you need to launch highly effective mobile marketing campaigns, including mobile websites, text message marketing and mobile apps. Our training includes tips from the top US mobile marketing companies – specific to your business niche. Watch this now to get started…

Mobile marketing reaches where other advertising media can’t and in ways other advertising media won’t. Does your business have a mobile website? Are you texting offers to your customers? If not, you are missing out on a marketing stream that accesses 80% of the population 24/7 right in their hands.

Local Mobile Marketing

Local mobile marketing connects offline and online marketing. Mobile devices are evolving into the dominant mode of communication and are here to stay. Your small business needs a mobile marketing strategy to set yourself apart from your competition, and in some cases, simply to keep up with your competition.

If you are in retail, mobile marketing services will make it easier for your customers to find your stores, respond to sales and special offers and keep your inventory moving.

If you own a restaurant, your mobile marketing agency can help you digitize your menu with stunning graphics to entice diners in to your establishment; launch a mobile marketing campaign focused on hot menu items, drink and food specials and other promotions to keep your tables filled and turning over every day of the week.

Mobile Marketing Quote

For bars and nightclubs, a mobile marketing company can develop mobile marketing campaigns to fill your venue every night of the week and sell-out special events.

Mobile marketing agencies work with churches to promote youth events through text marketing and bring back parishioners that have wandered off.

Our free mobile marketing training videos will teach you all aspects of mobile phone marketing, how to develop mobile marketing strategies and how to leverage local mobile marketing to increase your bottom line – you’ll learn all this and more:


Training Video #1 – Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing TrainingMobile marketing companies all over the US are changing the game for companies just like yours using texts and mobile phone marketing. Our free training will show you how easy it is to implement this mobile marketing service – from how to find a low-cost mobile marketing platform and free mobile marketing software to how local mobile marketing using texting is the single most successful marketing tool you can implement immediately. Watch our training to see case studies on how a mobile marketing business helps:

  • Bars/nightclubs use text marketing to promote special events and achieve sell-out crowds
  • Restaurants send out last-minute text offers to fill empty tables and turn slow nights around
  • Retail shops move sluggish inventory with text discounts and mobile coupons
  • Spas and salons decrease cancellations by 80% using text message reminders
  • Real estate agents text out new listings to prospective buyers to rapidly close properties
  • Churches use local mobile marketing texts to draw in youth to events and energize their congregations

Texting is the single most effective mobile marketing strategy.

99% of text messages are ultimately viewed. 84% are read within 4 minutes and 92% are read within an hour of receipt.

And when it comes to mobile marketing tools, text messages are powerful – text message offers have a 60% recall rate compared to just 15% for radio and TV ads.

Check out our free mobile phone marketing training to learn secret strategies for text message marketing used by top mobile marketing companies! Try it now.

Training Video #2 – Mobile Websites

Mobile Website TrainingRecent mobile website news reveals that with mobile, less is more. Mobile marketing agencies advise that mobile websites should be extremely focused and user friendly. Our free training will show you that mobile websites are the baseline for any mobile marketing service you offer – and how it’s the easiest of all the mobile marketing solutions to implement. Despite this, 82% of businesses don’t offer a mobile website at all and even for those who do – less than 1% have a truly mobile-friendly website.

Our free training shows you where to get free mobile marketing software to develop your mobile site and which mobile marketing platform you need to launch. You’ll get true-life tips from a top mobile marketing agency on what mobile websites can do for your business including:

  • How many colleges now offer mobile websites as a basic offering for mobile marketing. News reports say that college applicants check out schools primarily on their mobile devices, so it just makes sense to offer a mobile friendly portal.
  • Which golf courses allow greens times bookings through their mobile site to keep their course fully booked.
  • How nonprofits launch mobile marketing campaigns on their mobile sites to drive awareness and donations.
  • Why bars and nightclubs are using mobile marketing services like mobile sites to encourage text list opt-ins, geo-location services to bring in partyers who are close by and to keep your target clientele current on club events, guest DJs and more.
  • How spas and salons are using local mobile marketing including mobile websites to increase appointments and decrease cancellations keeping stylists happier and bottom lines healthier.

When it comes to mobile marketing, business owners who ignore this growing trend do so at their own peril. Whether you create and manage your own mobile marketing solutions or hire a mobile marketing agency to do it for you, mobile marketing tools are critical to survive and prosper in the new media age.

Start by watching our free video training on mobile marketing strategies to learn how a mobile marketing campaign can take your advertising to the next level, for less money, with better results. A recent mobile marketing news report in Advertising Age magazine said, “It’s clear that retailers that don’t embrace mobile phone technology in the coming year will be left behind.”

Don’t be left behind – check out our free videos that include mobile marketing strategies from top mobile marketing agencies that can be implemented right away to revolutionize your marketing.

Training Video #3 – Mobile Apps for Businesses

Mobile App TrainingWhen it comes to mobile marketing tools, mobile apps require the most technical know-how to implement. That being said, they are also one of the most effective mobile marketing services to market your brand to a wider audience.

More than 1 billion apps are downloaded each month across the iPhone and Android platforms. When considering apps as part of your mobile marketing strategy, bear in mind that mobile apps should either solve a consumer problem or serve a purpose – even if that purpose is simply to entertain. Working with a mobile marketing company to develop a mobile app for your business is the fastest and easiest way to get a mobile app out there to promote your brand.

Our free training shows you how mobile marketing companies are helping small businesses like yours get the best and lowest cost mobile marketing platform and launch an app for mobile marketing. News reports show that because mobile devices are by our sides 24/7, “We have to re imagine innovative new interfaces and experiences around that.”

With our free training, you’ll learn how mobile marketing campaigns are integrating mobile apps for:

  • Real estate agents – mobile apps can allow buyers to input their needs, desired geographic location and price range and get customized property listings that can help you find your dream home.
  • Retail – mobile apps can allow customers to try on outfits in a virtual dressing room, sift through a digital clothes rack and make selections, pay online and have purchases waiting at the register for a quick in and out shopping experience for busy buyers.
  • Churches – mobile apps offer mobile marketing services such as inspirational tools, scripture references or wholesome gaming options for children.
  • Restaurants – mobile marketing software allows them to digitize their menu, show videos of meal prep, pair up menu items to wine list offerings and more.

There no limit to what you can offer with a mobile app and a plan for mobile marketing. Business owners are discovering the power of the mobile app – your competitors are launching apps to cut into your market share – what will you do about it?

Our free training on mobile marketing solutions will show you where to find low-cost mobile marketing software to develop apps in-house or how to work with mobile marketing agencies to develop a mobile app and a mobile marketing campaign to launch it.

Get started today with this growing mobile marketing service – learn how for free – start watching today!

Mobile Marketing for Small Business

Will Mobile Marketing Work for My Business?

Absolutely – there’s no market segment or niche that is not suited for success in mobile marketing. Ask any mobile marketing companies and they will tell you that you need a mobile website because 64% of people search on mobile devices for restaurants, salons, amusement locales, movie theaters, stores, products and more. If your business website isn’t mobile optimized (and 99% are not!) the buyer will move on to a competitor who offers a better mobile experience.

Don’t lose another customer – work with a mobile marketing company to establish your mobile website presence as soon as possible. In addition to simply showing your location and offerings, mobile websites can induce browsers to opt-in to your texting list or download a limited time mobile coupon offer to encourage immediacy.

Mobile marketing news reports tell us that 94% of text messages are read almost immediately, 23% are forwarded and shared and 7%-26% act on a mobile offer. When it comes to text message mobile marketing, business owners who are not texting offers are leaving money on the table.

Mobile App Builder

Watch our free training and then start texting your customers – contact a mobile marketing company if you need technical assistance, but the tools are available for those who want to do it themselves. Texting is the single most effective advertising method today – it allows you instant, intimate access to 90% of customers. Start now!

Mobile apps are one of the largest growing mobile tools today – watch our free videos to see how small businesses like yours are working with a mobile marketing company to offer a useful tool, utility or entertainment-based app to promote the brand and drive business.

Mobile Marketing Small Business

Our free mobile marketing training videos will show you how mobile websites, texting campaigns and mobile apps work to establish your mobile web presence and increase your bottom line profits. You’ll see specific examples and strategies for businesses and organizations such as:

  • Bars & nightclubs
  • Real estate agencies and brokerages
  • Retail shops and stores of all types
  • Colleges, universities and trade schools
  • Golf courses & driving ranges
  • Spas & salons
  • Churches & non-profits
  • Restaurants, bakeries & diners

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“I manage a spa that offers massages, spray tanning, teeth whitening, manis/pedis and more. We compete with other spas, salons and tanning businesses, so it’s important that we are constantly driving new business. We had seen lower and lower response from print advertising and were frustrated until we found your free mobile marketing solutions training. We were convinced right away that mobile marketing tools would work for us. We dumped our print ads and invested that money into looking for mobile marketing agencies and developing mobile marketing campaigns. We are able to afford a mobile marketing platform, mobile marketing software and four months of text mobile marketing campaign services for what we normally spend in about 6 weeks of print ads. Thanks for all the tips and the glimpses into how a mobile marketing agency works – it really helped!”
Charlene – Pasadena, TX


“Our church has a really active youth program, but we have had spotty attendance even though we post everything in the church bulletin and on the church website. A business owner in the congregation recommended I take a look at your mobile phone marketing training – I did and it was a real blessing! I realized we were reaching out to these kids using tools they didn’t ever look at. We found a mobile marketing business nearby who got us a mobile website up really quick that’s been getting a lot of traffic. Next we found a mobile marketing agency to help come up with a mobile marketing campaign directed to our youth. We’ve been using a text message mobile marketing strategy and have doubled, and in some cases tripled, attendance at youth events. Our youth pastor now has a more intimate and instantaneous line of communication with the youth of our flock. Thanks again!”
Pastor Bill – Henderson, NV

mobile Apps for Businesses


If you’re not using mobile marketing or mobile advertising, you are growing less relevant by the day. Of all the mobile marketing services, mobile websites are the first thing you should have – without a mobile web presence, it’s like you have no sign on your establishment – people may be close-by, but they won’t be able to find you. With the help of your free training on mobile marketing strategies, you can instantly regain your relevance – - from mobile websites to mobile coupons, text messaging to mobile apps, we’ll show you the advantages of offering a mobile marketing service for your target customers. No matter your industry, you need a mobile marketing platform and strategy to stay afloat in today’s aggressively competitive business world – start today with our free training!

Free mobile marketing training